Whether you're interested in tech-related news or not, it’s not a lie to say that everyone, one way or another, looks forward to what Apple offers with every launch of its new product, especially the iPhone.

With every New Year, Apple makes sure there are technological advancements to its smartphones and brings something new to the market, which usually ends up becoming the trend. For years now, Apple has had the crown for being the trendsetter, and as we look forward to the release of the next phone in line, the iPhone 15, we’ll list down all the rumors and leaks about the highly anticipated smartphone.

It’s to be kept in mind that all these are mere rumors and not confirmed statements made by Apple, and so they should be treated accordingly.

The Dynamic Island and Buttons

While the dynamic island was only present on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, it is rumored that it will be present on all members of the iPhone 15 family. Unlike the notch, which houses a Face ID in it, the Dynamic Island isn’t just a blank space. It has two separate segments that look like one and display things running in the background. The notch has been a controversial iPhone design, and all in all, what Apple tried to do with changing it into the Dynamic Island was make it not so useless. Additionally, rumors are circulating about Apple ditching the physical power and volume buttons and replacing them with solid-state buttons instead, as it did with the iPhone 7’s power home button.

USB-C Port

Once again, all four phones in the lineup are expected to switch to a USB-C port from the iPhone’s very own Lightning port. This would mean a faster data transfer speed with the USB 3.2 speeds or higher that are expected to feature on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. This stems from the European requirement for a USB-C port on all smartphones. Because Europe comes in second after the Americas when it comes to Apple’s sales revenue and market share, there is little doubt that the company will have to comply. If you’re an Apple fan and are looking to buy an iPhone, make sure to check out Experimax.com, which offers all the devices in one place.

Camera Lens Update

Another leak regarding the Pro models of the iPhone 15 is the periscope lens that the smartphone will be equipped with. Compared to the telephoto zoom that iPhones use now, a periscope lens has a lot more optical zoom capabilities. Naturally, this implies a higher quality zoom than the current one in iPhones.

A New Identity?

To match the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple may rename its Pro Max model Ultra as well. So instead of hearing about the iPhone 15 Pro Max, we might have to get used to the name "iPhone 15 Ultra."


Again, we'll say that all of the above features are based on rumors and are only possibilities. Whatever the new iPhone is bound to bring, we simply can’t wait to try it out and use Apple’s latest technology. If you’re interested in looking for iPhones for sale or MacBooks for sale, the most reliable site, Experimax.com, is just one click away and full of everything you need—and more!