Protection Plan:

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone or a laptop, and if you’re a smartphone owner, you may have come across several electronics protection plans for your devices. It may have crossed your mind that not all of these device protection plans can be advantageous for you, as some service providers may not meet your expectations or would be more likely to charge ridiculously high amounts of money for minimalistic services. That is where we introduce you to the Phixey Protection Plan - the most suitable plan for your electronic device. Keep reading to find out more about how this plan works!

What can the Phixey Protection Plan offer to laptop and tablet users?

The real question should be, what does this protection plan not offer? As clear as it sounds, this laptop protection plan offers to provide you a variety of options for you to avail. Considering your laptop or tablet needs to be repaired, and you have subscribed to the Phixey Protection Plan, this computer protection plan will enable you to receive technical help from our expert technicians, who will come to your house to fix your computer system. Not only this, but in case you wish to decorate and stylize your laptop or MacBook with the perfect phone accessories, you will now be able to avail of them for only $4.95! Therefore, your tablet or computer system is covered under only $29.95 annually!

What about users who own different wearables?

How can Phixey forget? That’s right. We didn’t! For all the tablet owners who wish to seek an apple watch protection plan, we have got good news for you! With the help of the Phixey Protection Plan, you can now avail of a smartwatch protection plan that covers all the repair and other additional costs for your wearable. There should be no compromises when it comes to your apple watch, and this apple watch protection will help you cover all the costs for only $29.95 per year. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Plus, you could also buy various device accessories for only $4.95. Your satisfaction is what keeps us motivated!

What is Phixey Wireless?

If you wish to avail yourself of the Phixey Wireless package, you can now do so for only $10 per month for all device owners. Phixey Wireless allows its users to talk limitlessly on call or via text messaging without needing additional lines or another prepayment. Be it your smartphone, laptop, MacBook, computer system, tablet, smartwatch, or even an apple watch. The Phixey Protection Plan allows you to avail of Phixey Wireless at the most reasonable package!


In conclusion, the Phixey Protection Plan can benefit its subscribers in multiple ways possible, including the accessibility of Phixey Wireless, free repairs and purchase of components, highly affordable packages, and the perfect device accessories at the best prices in the market. All you need to do is subscribe to the Phixey Protection Plan at your soonest!