Living in a world where smartphones have become a need for us, and we are greatly dependent on these devices, it’s no surprise that we tend to look for ways to help keep our phones safe and better. Cell phones have been improving our lives tremendously, from office work to communication and personal means. 

The iPhone is one of the most popular and widely used smartphones, with great functions and features which many users enjoy and consistently use for daily tasks and activities. However, one of the aspects of smartphones that need to be improved is their life expectancy. We know nothing hurts more than seeing your treasured iPhone aging and slowly losing its efficiency to give you the best of its ability.

Fret not, though; several ways can help you prolong the life expectancy of your iPhone. Before we get into it, know that Experimax is the perfect site to visit to buy iphones, tablets, laptops and more.


The environment is certainly a big factor that can greatly affect your iPhone's life expectancy. Smartphones and water have been arch nemesis since the very beginning, and no matter how much of a waterproof device you have, once fallen prey to water damage, it starts developing certain problems with the displays and charging ports, alongside other internal complications. IPhones have excellent resistance against water, heat, and dust, but that does not mean they are completely immune to such damage. Hence, to protect and prolong your iPhone’s life span, refrain from exposing it to harsh environments.

Display Protection

Apple has always done an amazing job with bold design and secured display features. Screen displays play a huge role in the overall performance of a device. If the display is damaged by any chance, it may cause future problems and automatically affect your iPhone’s functioning. Precautions should be taken beforehand so your phone's display, and screen functions work for a good amount of time and are in better condition. Installing protectors to your screens and securing the back of your iPhone with a phone cover can help you prevent any major damage to your iPhone’s display and screen.


The biggest issue many smartphone users face is the reduced power output of their battery, which needs to give them more time to use their phones.

A great majority of people don’t realize this, but unconsciously, they’re the ones who damage their phone’s battery themselves. Though the iPhone is equipped with one of the best battery packs available nowadays, it can still lose its power and efficiency with time if not used with care.

You can stop the damage to your iPhone’s battery easily by putting and removing your phone from charge whenever the device asks you to. Do not use your phone while it is charging because that greatly damages your device’s battery performance and reduces its life. Make sure not to let your battery overheat when charging or using it to protect yourself from potential danger and avoid battery damage. 


All devices are bound to age and lose their efficiency with time, but with proper care and timely precautions, you can prolong their life expectancy. If you’re looking to repair iPhones or find good and other Apple products, don’t forget to check out Techy! The place that has it all, Techy, offers everything you need– products, services, and accessories. Visit today and introduce yourself to a world of variety, reliability, and quality!